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Moxie Bike Fit Formula

Speed = Comfort + Power + Aerodynamics


A quality bike fit is essential to being aerodynamic, comfortable, and most importantly, riding with power. Our philosophy is to fit the correct bicycle to you, not just to fit you to your bicycle. Making a fit-informed bicycle purchase will increase your confidence in your decision, and lead to more enjoyment in the sport.


Our studio offers state of the art fit services including the Guru Fit System, and Retul 3D motion capture technology to ensure you are buying the right bike, that you are aerodynamic, comfortable, and most importantly, powerful with each pedal stroke.


Our Retül Fit System uses three-dimensional motion capture technology through a series of sensors placed at critical joints on your body. The motion capture camera tracks movement down to the millimeter giving our fit specialist crucial bio-mechanical information. Using this data, our fit specialist is able to situate you in an optimal position on your bicycle, increasing comfort, endurance, power, and aerodynamics.


Dynamic Fit Experience: $350 (includes Retül 3D fit experience)

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