Triathlon, Gravel and Road Bike Pro/Race Tune: 

Elevate Your Cycling Performance with our Pro/Race Tune

Unlock the full potential of your road and triathlon bike with our Pro/Race Tune, priced at just $185 and performed by our in-house master mechanic. With meticulous inspections, precise wheel tuning, and a thorough drivetrain cleaning, your bike will feel like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Let's delve into the key features of our Pro/Race Tune!

Pro Tune:

  • Our in-house master mechanic conducts a thorough inspection of your bike, leaving no component unchecked.

  • Any potential issues or wear are identified and addressed, ensuring optimal performance.

Wheel Tune:

  • Experience the precision of our master mechanic as they true and tension your bike's wheels.

  • Enhanced stability and impeccable balance lead to improved handling and control.

Drivetrain Clean:

  • Leave your drivetrain in the capable hands of our master mechanic, who meticulously cleans and polishes each component.

  • Cranks, pulleys, bottom bracket, cassette, chain, and freehub are removed and cleaned for peak performance.

Cables and Housing (No Extra Labor Charge):

  • Rest assured, we go the extra mile with no additional labor charge for cable and housing replacement.

  • Enjoy crisp and responsive braking and shifting performance without breaking the bank.

Personalized Bike Advice:

  • Benefit from our master mechanic's expertise as they provide personalized recommendations based on your riding style and preferences.

  • Receive valuable insights on maintaining your bike's top performance between tune-ups.

Trust our expert mechanics to elevate your cycling experience, delivering smoother rides, enhanced control, and improved efficiency.


So, make sure to schedule a pro tune-up before your next race and enjoy the advantages it brings to your cycling endeavors.


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